No limit on number of transactions.
No limit on exchanges or wallets.
No kidding.

LukkaTax supports crypto-crypto, margin/shorting and mining income transactions.

Why LukkaTax?

Variable cost basis methods support crypto transactions, and you can optimize your gains/losses using FIFO, LIFO or Optimized.

LukkaTax uses your cryptocurrency trade history to generate the inputs for the crypto portion of your taxable gains/losses, applicable to IRS Form 8949 (used to report capital gains and losses on your tax return) as well as crypto income applicable to Schedule 1 and other parts of your tax return.

2019 Tax Forms Have Changed

For the 2019 tax season, the IRS is explicitly asking taxpayers to report on and document their cryptocurrencies, or "virtual currency". 8 – 14% of the US population already own crypto assets; this is an important and wide-reaching development that will affect tens of millions of US residents. 

Traditional tax software doesn’t correctly account for cryptocurrency tax reporting. LukkaTax has been the industry standard since 2014.

Our user experience is guided and easy to follow – unlike other crypto tax calculators which feature poorly-designed, confusing user interfaces.

LukkaTax supports not only the 2019 tax year, but also 2018 and 2017 for those who need to refile; pay just $19.95 per tax year.

Lukka is the only crypto software company that has both a SOC 1 Type II and SOC 2 Type II attestation.

LukkaTax is the only solution that uses LukkaPrime, a pricing source that uses executed prices.

Lukka Reference Data standardizes the data from all your sources to provide our users with consistency and uniformity.

Use LukkaTax with whatever software you use.

Use the software that the pros use.

Taxpayers can go back up to 3 years and amend returns.

The Preferred 
Solution of...

• Support for 2019 filing and 
  2018/2017 refiling
• Optimize using FIFO, LIFO, or 
• Lowest-cost cryptocurrency tax 


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*Price is per tax year and will NOT increase based on limits such as number of transactions or exchanges.


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LukkaTax integrates with all major exchanges and wallets, and allows users to adjust their transactions wherever necessary.

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